Kendall Jenner dazzling alongside Devin Booker on Instagram!

Kendall Jenner is known to be very discreet about her private life. However, she showed up alongside her darling on Instagram!

Kendall Jenner is very discreet when it comes to her private life. However, the pretty brunette was dazzling alongside Devin Booker on Instagram! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Kendall Jenner: still so classy

It is well known, Kendall Jenner is the most discreet of her sisters. She understood that to live happily, it is better to live hidden. So she decided to preserve her relationship.

Rare are the times when we see her alongside a man. However, recently, the young woman assumes proudly her relationship with Devin Booker.

She also showed up at his side at the wedding of his sister Kourtney in Italy at Castello Brown, in a medieval castle.

A special wedding since Kourtney Kardashian chose the Gothic theme. So that’s why she wore a black mini dress that unveiled her dark blue bra.

As for Travis Barker, he wore a long black tunic with platform shoes. Kim Kardashian has joined the trend. She wore a long black dress. Rather original for a wedding isn’t it!

However, Kendall Jenner was very classy alongside her darling. They chose a very elegant outfit, beige in color. That made all the difference! All the attention was on them.

love galore

Since this presence which caused a sensation, Kendall Jenner displays her relationship with Devin Booker much more on her social networks. She seems more confident in her love affair.

It’s decided, Kendall Jenner is ready to proclaim her love for Devin loud and clear. Direction Instagram to prove to the whole world how much they are so beautiful together.

The model and star of reality TV therefore shared the photo of her couple to her millions of fans. No legend accompanied his photo in story.

But this one delighted its biggest fans. The latter are proud to see it more and more open. And that’s just the beginning ! Because Kylie Jenner’s sister explained around this round table with Télé 7 jours: “Kylie and I can’t wait for the public to discover even more about us than on the previous show”.

“We are more involved in this new reality TV. We see different facets of each of us. (…) The most incredible sequence for me is seeing Kourtney get engaged (to drummer Travis Barker, editor’s note)”.

Stormi’s mom also added: ” Kendall is going to have an argument. And I don’t think you’ve ever seen that side of her.”

Fans can’t wait to see Kendall Jenner reveal herself a little more in the next episodes. However, beware! The star nevertheless revealed that she would never display her love story on screen.

Ouch! His fans are disappointed… So we know that his argument in The Kardashians will not be with her lover! This is reassuring.

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