Kendall Jenner has found the dress we should all have in our closet

At New York, Kendall Jenner was seen leaving a hotel in an outfit that could very well replace the stainless little black dress.

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Kendall Jenner swears by these 5 dress trends

The top inspires us with these 5 dresses that we will all want to wear this fall.

Kendall Jenner unveils dress trends

“Beige is the new black”

We all know the sexy quotient of the little black dress since its creation in the late 1920s by Gabrielle Chanel, which desacralized this piece to raise it to the rank of essential of the feminine wardrobe. In 2022, personalities like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipaor Kendall Jenner swap this must-have for equally effective fashion alternatives. The proof: the 26-year-old top was spotted wearing a little beige dress that showcased all of her assets. She paired it with a pair of leather heeled boots, a handbag and retro-style sunglasses. A chic and ultra-inspiring shock look, to wear both in the office and in the city.

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