Kendall Jenner in string thong leaves many mesmerized April 2023

The famous American model raised the temperature on social networks with the daring publication.

No doubt kendall jenner He has a heart attack figure and, proof of this, is the recent photograph that he posted on his Instagram. And it is that the young woman of only 27 years of age, she unleashed the madness with the collection of images uploaded on the famous social network.

On this occasion, the young woman chose to wear a tiny white swimsuit with floral details. However, the attention of her fans was completely diverted to her butt, as she left it completely exposed.

kendall jenner

So far, the post has reached seven million likes and has thousands of comments and compliments. His fans did not hesitate to leave comments next to the photos: “What an exaggeration of beauty”, “I can’t with those curves so perfect”, “He left me speechless”.

And there is no doubt that the American does know how to attract the attention of her fans. At the moment, Kendall He has more than 283 million followers on his official Facebook account. Instagram.

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Let’s remember that it was just a few days ago when the rumor of a possible romance between the model and the Puerto Rican singer arose. Bad Bunny. Likewise, several compromising images emerged on social networks between her and the famous artist.

Kendall Jenner debuts new romance

In the latest photographs captured by the paparazzi, they can be seen both walking in what appears to be a hacienda. So much Jenner as Benedictreal name of the artist, appear mounted on a horse in the place.

So far, neither of them has confirmed the news, leaving their followers “on tenterhooks.”

What is clear is that the relationship between celebrities has revolutionized social networks, since nobody imagined the two of them together at some point.

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