Kendall Jenner mocked by the internet for her way of cutting a cucumber

Internet users were amazed at how uncomfortably Kendall Jenner found herself cutting a cucumber. A stunning scene.

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The Kardashian-Jenner family is known worldwide. She is one of the richest families in showbusiness and used to have cooks for them. Which was obviously verified in the last episode of their series on Hulu. In this episode, Kendall Jenner is hungry and decides to make a snack.

His mother offers him to bring the chef to make him a “snack”, which Kendall Jenner, 26, refuses. She then decides to cut cucumber slices and proceeds in a funny way. The young woman holds the cucumber by the good end but decides to pass her left forearm above her knife in her right hand. Netizens became hilarious at the footage.

His mother sees the scene and says to him all the same: Be careful, I cut myself recently doing this. “. After several gymnastics, Kendall Jenner is finally satisfied with the thin pieces of cucumber that she managed to cut.

Internet users do not know whether to laugh or cry and one of them writes: ” It made me feel a bit superior, but mostly poor », « It’s the most tragic thing I’ve witnessed ” or ” I don’t know which is worse, Kendall Jenner slicing a cucumber or Kris Jenner just sitting there without questioning her “. In the meantime, the video is buzzing and there will surely be many of them going to see the entire episode.

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