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kendall Jenner style teacher also for spring summer 2021. In recent days he has exhibited in the streets of New York an impeccable outfit, for color combination, beige and white, for the choice of a minimal style that seems a tribute to the golden times of American fashion of the nineties.

The must-have garment: the extra large white shirt

The most fashionable of the Kardashian sisters, Kendall Jenner, chooses a masculine and essential look for spring summer 2021. It starts from the white shirt, no frills, but in XXL format, uses it instead of the classic jacket, combined with a simple total white T-shirt. The look is completed by trousers with pinces. The supermodel focuses on one of her favorite color combinations: white and beige, interrupted by the black of the accessories. the result? Elegant, chic, contemporary but timeless.

3 things you don’t know about: Kendall Jenner

1 In 2017 he received two important awards: theCona Fashion of the Decade, merit achieved not only thanks to his career, but also for the considerable media-social influence. In the same year she was consecrated by Forbes magazine as the highest paid model with a gain of 22 million dollars, ousting Gisele Bündchen who had been at the top of the rankings for more than 14 years.

2 Kendall Jenner is the most reserved of the Kardashian sisters. “I think a couple relationship is something sacred. It’s something between two people and no one else has to say their opinion“, he said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. But despite not loving to exhibit boyfriends and love stories is now known his penchant for basketball players. Among the alleged flirtations: Blake Griffin and Ben Simmons. And the current boyfriend Devin Booker is also an MBA player.

3 His middle name is Nicole, his mother Kris Jenner chose him in homage to his friend Nicole Brown, the wife of O.J. Simpson murdered, whose murder was at the center of the famous court case.

Must-have accessories

Kendall Jenner’s spring summer 2021 outfit is perfect thanks to the right choice of accessories. Starting from the top. Small dark acetate glasses, a la Matrix. Flesh-colored mask, Skims line of the older sister Kim. At the waist: thin and black belt, detail in contrast with the light nuances of the clothes. In hand mini-bar white cream, on the feet sandals with low-heeled price lists, essential but cool. No stiletto, the filiform model high 1.80 do not need heels that open the figure.

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An essential look, masculine and tailored to copy to feel like a career woman on the streets of New York.



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