Kendall Jenner rages against the injunction to be a mother, Kris Jenner puts too much pressure on her

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– Posted on 14 Apr 2022 at 12:34

Invited on the show Daily Pop, Kendall Jenner has made many confidences. She notably pushed a rant towards her mother who puts pressure on her to become a mother.

In the Kardashian family, the editorial of melty asks for the penultimate of the siblings! It is Kendall Jenner. This young woman aged 26 is famous as a personality in the world through her family but also as a model. Indeed, since 2013, she has been sought out by the biggest brands in the fashion world. Calvin Klein, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel… The sister of Kylie Jenner parades for many famous couturiers during the different Fashion Week which take place everywhere. Moreover, in 2017, she is the highest paid model in the world according to the magazine Forbes. Regarding her private life, the beautiful brunette is known to be very discreet.

Unlike her sisters, she refuses to talk about her private life or display any romantic relationship. However, we know despite everything that since the summer of 2020, Kendall Jenner has been experiencing a beautiful love story with Devin Bookera American basketball player. If they spin the perfect love, it seems that the two lovebirds do not yet want to start their own family. But that doesn’t seem to be to my liking. Kris Jenner… Guest on the show Daily Popthe famous model made a secret about it by pushing A rant against his mother.

Kendall Jenner is under pressure from her mother Kris Jenner

During this interview, Kendall Jenner revealed to be fed up that her mother pressures her to get pregnant. “She randomly texts me saying, ‘I think it’s time’ and I text her back, ‘Isn’t it better for me to know?‘” said the young woman. Kris Jenner then responded to her daughter’s words by trying to reassure her. “It’s just a nice reminder” she clarified. As a reminder, this is not the first time that the famous mother has made a foot call to Kendall Jenner. In February 2022, in the issue ofEllen DeGeneresKriss Jenner had said that for her, the next of her children who will give life will be the girlfriend of Devin Booker. Definitely, she really wants to be a grandmother again!

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