Kendall Jenner reveals her Kendall Jenner pre-sleep routine to combat her anxiety

The pre-sleep routine of Kendall Jenner is not just about taking care of your skin and teeth. “In the evening, I need to relax. I usually drink tea, read a book or write in my diary,” explains Kendall Jennerwho revealed he suffered from anxiety last year and found that a good pre-sleep routine helped him combat it.

For vogue, the supermodel opens the doors to her sleep palace and reveals the tips and tricks that help her prepare for a good night’s sleep, from her pajamas Skims teeth whitening pen Moon (since 2019, she collaborates with this oral hygiene brand and recently launched her own collection). As for his sheets? She won’t tell us. It’s her biggest secret, she says.

Kendall Jenner’s relaxing rituals for sleeping well

What’s on your bedside table?

Kendall Jenner – “I always have an insulated water bottle at hand. It reminds me that you have to stay hydrated throughout the day, including at night. So I have a water bottle on my bedside table. Usually , it is a steel model of the brand Takeya. I also have a mint and rose teeth whitening pen, and a soothing candle Mad and Len, which I turn on. She smells very good. I always buy the one with the Black Earth scent (Black Champaka). She fills the air with a comforting scent.

Mad et Len – Apothecary Candle, Black Earth

100 €

Mad and Len via My Theresa

Mad et Len – Fumiste Black Champaka Scented Candle

101 €

Mad and Len via Farfetch

Do you check your phone before going to bed?

I try to keep my phone away from me and avoid looking at it for at least an hour before I go to bed.

What are your favorite sheets?

It’s my biggest secret!

Do you sleep in the dark or let the light in in the morning?

I like both, but if I get the chance to sleep in, I take it and draw my blackout curtains.

What is your daily evening routine?

Every night I take care of my skin and my teeth with oral care Moon. Sometimes I go for more intense skincare using serum, cleansers and other specialty products. I prefer to use gentle skin care like my dermatologist’s natural facial cleanser, Christie Kidd. When it comes to serum, I use the formula CE Ferulic of SkinCeuticals.

SkinCeuticals – Vitamin CCE Ferulic Anti-Wrinkle Antioxidant Serum

142 €

Skinceuticals via Nocibe.fr

Christie Kidd – Clean natural facial cleanser

Moon – Graphite gray Clean Slide floss


Moon Oral Care via BeautyBay.com

Moon Orale Care – Whitening toothpaste without fluoride with activated carbon


Moon Oral Care via Asos.com

Do you set a time for yourself to go to bed?

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