Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg and more: Meet Meta’s digital celebrities news from mexico

Hermosillo, Sonora.- Platform Target, including social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, continue to grow and develop new technologies. Recently, they launched a technology that turns public figures into chatbots.

They have announced a partnership with “Cultural icon and influential person” To run and simulate chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, which will have profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

Some of the people involved include rapper Snoop Dogg, TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio, YouTuber MrBeast, model Kendall Jenner and athlete Tom Brady.

This is another advancement in artificial intelligence, such as smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban. Celebrity chatbots connect with others based on Meta AI, which the company calls “An advanced conversational assistant”, available on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. Meta AI can provide you with “real-time information” through Meta’s search partnership with Microsoft’s Bing and has the ability to generate photorealistic images based on your text prompts, which you can share with friends . Initially, this feature is only available in the United States.

Each chatbot will have a different character and personality:

  • Charli D’Amelio as Coco, a dance lover.
  • Kendall Jenner as Billie, the loyal and straightforward partner.
  • Mr.Beast as Zach, the older brother who will joke with you because he cares about you.
  • Paris Hilton as Amber, the detective’s partner in solving mysteries.
  • Snoop Dogg as the Dungeon Master, choose your own adventure with the Dungeon Master.
  • Tom Brady as Bru, a witty sports debater who doesn’t back down from anything.

Also the company is offering New personalized stickers for WhatsApp, created by artificial intelligence Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Stories. As reported by Meta, the tool turns text prompts into a number of unique stickers in just a few seconds, like “a pizza playing basketball” or “a very happy raccoon on a motorcycle.”

Additionally, Instagram is launching two new AI image editing features: “Reorder”Which allows you to apply different visual styles depending on the text description, such as “Watercolor” or “Collage made of magazine and newspaper clippings with torn edges”, and “Background”, which adds visual or Changes the background accordingly to the prompt, “Surrounded by puppies.”

Introducing these AI imaging tools on Instagram, Meta said:

“We are aware of the importance of transparency around AI-generated content, so images created with ‘restyle’ and ‘background’ will indicate the use of AI to reduce the likelihood of people mistaking them for content.” Originated by humans. We’re also experimenting with different forms of visible and invisible brands.”

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