Kendall Jenner would be the number one fan of boyfriend Devin Booker during the last game


Devin Booker he would have an exceptional cheerleader to cheer for him in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, namely Kendall Jenner!

The model allegedly supported her 24-year-old boyfriend who plays in the Phoenix Suns during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks, which was played in the Footprint Center in Phoenix.

Some people noticed her in the stands of the stadium and told and! News: “Kendall was very caught up in the game. He would stand up and celebrate every time Devin scored. She jumped and at one point she had to take off her jacket for what was huddled“.

Kendall Jenner – getty images

The 25-year-old had hinted that she could go to the game by posting in the Stories her look with the Phonix Suns jacket (you can see it here on a fan Twitter account).


Kendall Jenner brought luck to Devin Booker, who scored a whopping 40 points, but his Phoenix Suns eventually lost the match to 119 to 123, in favor of the Milwaukee Bucks who now lead the series 3-2.

The supermodel and the NBA player they have been together for just over a year.

ph: getty images


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