Kendall Jenner’s trick for having a “back from the beach” effect complexion all summer long

Kim Kardashian’s little sister has shared her technique, called “sunburnt blush”, to sport tanned skin all summer long with just a few brush strokes.

No need to risk a sunburn to sport a tanned complexion this summer. Make-up products, such as self-tanner or blush, allow it. Kendall Jenner has understood this well and herself uses a simple blush to look good, as she shows in a video tutorial recently published on the magazine’s YouTube channel. vogue . The model reveals her summer beauty routine in front of the camera, including her make-up trick to look tanned.

Indeed, Kim Kardashian’s little sister takes the dangers of sun exposure very seriously. “I always make sure to put on sunscreen and never neglect my skin when it comes to SPF protection,” she says in the video. I grew up being outside a lot, I’m a girl who likes the outdoors and I have brown spots to prove it. Now I’m very strict about sunscreen.”

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The “W” method

Thus, after having cleansed her face beforehand, then hydrated and protected her skin with an SPF treatment, Kendall Jenner offers her method to achieve her “summer look with a tanned complexion” with a blush. “That’s all you need. You will obtain this effect of tanned skin, a little reddened and radiant”, assures the supermodel.

The technique ? With a brush for the complexion, we apply a first color of rosy blush with a cream texture and a luminous finish on the middle of the nose and the top of the cheekbones, drawing a sort of letter “W”. Then, add a second layer of blush of a similar shade, but this time with a matte finish, reproducing the same gesture.

Result: the face appears slightly glowing in the middle of the face, like after sunbathing at the beach. “I think the secret to a tanned look is having that ‘I got a little sunburned, I got a little too exposed’ look,” continues Kendall Jenner.

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The “sunburnt blush” trend

That being said, nothing new under the sun here. Kendall Jenner is not the first to have adopted this look called “sunburnt blush” on social networks (“sunburnt blush” in English). Praised by other celebrities and influencers (like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid or Addison Rae), the trend has accumulated nearly 186 million views on TikTok, where video tutorials abound to easily reproduce this same make-up.

Or the art of simulating a week’s vacation at the beach with just a few brushstrokes, without getting hot.

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