Kendrick Lamar reflects on the clash between Drake and Kanye West

The album is already starting to create controversy.

This May 13, 2022, we had the chance to witness the comeback of Kendrick Lamar in the rap game with a new album. The previous one, “DAMN.”, was a hit in 2017 and crowned him as one of the Kings of his generation. Here he is again now with “Mr. Morales & he Big Steppers”, which has been teased for almost a year and which will be his last album on the TDE structure, from which he will leave after this project to set up his own label. Barely released, the project has already been dissected by the most hardcore fans and discussions have started on social networks.

One line in particular caught the attention of American netizens. These are a few verses rapped in the track “Father Time”in which Kendrick Lamar talks about certain masculine values ​​that were instilled in him by his father, which he sometimes conflicts a bit with, including never showing his emotions, being tough, that kind of stuff. Other times, these values ​​also helped him a lot. He also talks about the clash between Drake and Kanye West:When Kanye got back with Drake, I was slightly confused, Guess I’m not mature as I think, got some healin’ to do”.

He therefore declares to have been very troubled by the reconciliation between Drake and Kanye Westin clash for years, with sometimes very harsh words, who suddenly reconciled shortly after the release of their respective albums. K. Dot wonders in particular whether he would have had the strength to do that, to make peace, in their situation, saying that he apparently isn’t mature enough yet as it has troubled him, and that he still has some work to do on him. But even if the introspective side of the punchline is obvious, iThis is also perhaps a disguised spade against the two stars. By implying that he might not have done that, his mentality is still too thug, which the other two have never been in their entire lives… All the interpretations have flourished on Rap US’s Twitter accounts, we’ll let you make up your own mind.

In any case, it’s nice to see people look so quickly at the lyrics when an album is releasedthis is also the Kendrick effect.

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