Kenyan Onyancha won the Miami Marathon

George Onyancha completed the marathon in 2 hours, 18 minutes and 26 seconds
George Onyancha completed the marathon in 2 hours, 18 minutes and 26 seconds

Kenyan George Onyancha, in the men’s category, won the Miami Life Time Marathon this Sunday (Florida, USA) in its twenty-first edition, a race in which the Spaniard won the half-marathon distance Nacho Hernando Angulo.

Ethiopian Damaris Areba won the marathon distance in the women’s category, while in the half marathon the Ethiopian Weynshet Ansa Weldestadisk was crowned in women.

Onyancha, on a day that woke up with good weather and a large audience, invested to win the race with a time of 2 hours, 18 minutes and 26 seconds to cover a distance of 26.2 miles (42 kilometers).

The second classified in the male category was the Ethiopian Siraj Gena, who covered the distance in 2 hours, 24 minutes and 17 seconds, while the third was Mexican Oscar Caltenco Abriz who used 2 hours, 31 minutes and 32 seconds.

Damaris Areba of Ethiopia invested to prevail in women in 2 hours, 33 minutes and 51 seconds, while Kenyan Isgah Cheruto, second, used 2 hours, 36 minutes and 20 seconds.

For her part, the American Maegan Krifchin was third with 2 hours, 41 minutes and 24 seconds.

The half marathon in the men’s category was for Nacho Hernando Angulo from Madrid, who took 1 hour, 08 minutes and 36 seconds to cover 13.1 miles (21 kilometers). Behind was the French Brice Daubord with 1 hour, 10 minutes and 12 seconds.


The women’s half marathon went to the Ethiopian Weynshet Ansa Weldestadisk with a time of 1 hour, 14 minutes and 56 seconds, while the second place was obtained by the Ukrainian Valentyna Veretska with 1 hour, 18 minutes and 41 seconds.

The high influx of runners in this edition was favored by the certification from the United States Athletics Federation (USTAF) and for being a test that qualifies for the Boston Marathon.

This year’s edition included a category for non-binary athletesthat is, they do not fully identify as a man or a woman.

The edition of this 2023 brought as novelties the “Life Time Diaper Derby” for 25 babies from 6 to 12 months of age, which was held a week ago at the Miami Famous Expo, in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The “Life Time Diaper Derby” for 25 babies ages 6 to 12 months was held Friday at the Miami Famous Expo
The “Life Time Diaper Derby” for 25 babies ages 6 to 12 months was held Friday at the Miami Famous Expo

Runners began the race in downtown Miami across from the Arena, home of the Miami Heat, and will travel across the MacArthur Causeway to Miami Beach before heading down iconic Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue to cross back into downtown. from the city by the bridges of the Venetian Causeway.

The runners traversed downtown areas including Brickell, Key Biscayne and Coconut Grove, before turning back towards the Bayfront Park finish line.

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