Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice, free on the Epic Games Store

After giving away a game daily during the end of the year, Epic Games Store returns to its weekly promotion of offering one or more games for free every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. in the Spanish peninsula. This time we talk about Kerbal Space Program Y Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice, which you can now add to your account; once added, they will be ours forever.

Kerbal Space Program is the famous game in which we run the kerbal alien race space program. We can use a wide variety of parts to build functional spacecraft that fly (or don’t) according to the laws of aerodynamics and orbital physics. its sequel Kerbal Space Program 2 is scheduled for this year.

Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice is a new standalone expansion from the tactical spy game Shadow Tactics. It is set in feudal Japan, and more specifically in the Edo period, in this title we will be able to control the kunoichi Aiko and her band of assassins to end the ghosts of her past.

First Class Trouble, free next week

First Class Trouble be the free game from 12 to 19 January. It is a title where the players cooperate and face each other to survive a catastrophe. “The objective is to destroy a deadly AI. Some players are impostors that, although they look human, are actually killer robots that will try to betray the other players,” says the description of him. “Among the residents are Personoids, the ship’s human-like robotic servants, who want revenge on the passengers. The Personoids must either deceive the residents and eliminate them all or stay hidden until the end to win. To survive, you will have to deceive to your friends… or be the one to deceive”.

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