Kevin Álvarez expresses what it means to play in Motagua, a message to the blue fans and his past with Olimpia


the right side Kevin Alvarez He is working hard to get in tune in what will be his first tournament with the shirt of the motagua.

In an interview with motagua.comthe former Real España player spoke about what it means to reach a large institution like the eagles.

“I am very blessed and grateful to the people who gave me the opportunity to come to this institution. It is always good to come to a team that is focused on winning titles and having international contact”, were his first words.

“I have been adjusting very well, thank God I have the blessing, so to speak, of meeting several with whom we have shared in the national team, that is good,” he added.

Kevin Alvarez He is very clear that he will have to fight for a starting position with the Argentine coach, Hernán “La Tota” Medina.

“They told me that this was a healthy group, that the competition was here, no one has a secure position here and that’s why we come here, to work, to try to contribute to the team and achieve the group goals we have,” he commented.

“The important thing is to contribute a grain of sand and achieve the goal of being champion, that is the mentality of each one of us,” he said.

alvarezwith a past in the eternal rival of motaguawe refer to olympiaHe said that he will be a professional player and that he has always respected each shield.

“I think that I have characterized myself by respecting the colors of each team that I have to defend, giving everything, just as I did with olympiawith Real España and now I have to defend the colors of the motagua and I hope to live up to what the institution means”, he clarified.

Finally, he left a message for the blue fans. “I come to respect the board, to respect that huge fans, and to do things well, I think it’s the only way to thank the people, leaving everything on the field and sweating the shirt, that’s the best way to respect to the fan Kevin He comes to work hard and try to give a lot of happiness”, he stressed.

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