Kevin Álvarez surprised a Pachuca fan and the reaction is viral. VIDEOHalftime

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Kevin Alvarez has become one of the favorite players of the fans of the Pachuca, Well, in addition to surprising with his talent as a footballer, the ‘2’ of the Tuzos also ‘the heart has been stolen‘ of several fans, a sample of the above is observed in a video that circulates on social networks.

How did Kevin Álvarez surprise a Pachuca fan?

In the recording you can see a group of people (including three young people) in a restaurant, suddenly you can see how the Champion of the MX League to greet the group and especially surprise one of his followers.

As expected, the women could not hide their emotion at being in front of the national team, they even uttered several shouts of emotion, all while Kevin Alvarez I wouldn’t stop smiling at them.

Seconds later, one of the fans pulled out the Tuzos shirt that he was wearing and passed it to the young soccer player so that he could put his signature on it, in addition to taking the famous souvenir photos.

Will Kevin Álvarez play in Europe?

In recent days, various rumors have placed Kevin Alvarez in the sights of some teams Europe; However, no proposal has yet been confirmed, although in Pachuca they are clear that they want to see the player militating in the Old continent.

We want Kevin to go to Europewe would even be willing to stop earning in the operation, as long as you fulfill your dream. Kevin is happy, we don’t want him to come out. As with Luis Chávez, we told him that it is something important for him and his career, if he went to Monterrey, it would be more difficult to go to Europe, ”said Armando Martínez, president of the Tuzos for The Camps.

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