Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino Tequila: Autopian Member Review

Hi friends! It’s your friendly neighbor intruder writing to you from LA! The weather was nicer than my home in Michigan and there was a lot to do and see. Despite all the surprises at the LA Auto Show, though, I never thought I’d get the chance to shoot tequila with The Autopian’s Stephen Walter Gossin. And yes, her jawline is even better in person.

(Ed note: For the first time, The Autopian hosted members as “intruders” at the LA Auto Show to help us cover the show. Also, honestly, just to have fun hanging out together. It was great to see the show through his fresh eyes and, of course, what better co-pilot and navigator than the charming and lively Stephan Walter Gossin.

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The auto show this year was a little light on automakers, as they all are, but the show looked to fill in the blanks. One of the best ways they do this? Kevin Hart, who not only showed off his car collection (sorry, car collection), but also included his many, many, many side hustles. This included some type of vitamin smoothie drink that I did not taste and their tequila brand, which had some delicious cocktails to enjoy during press days. You can’t go wrong with getting car journalists drunk, as our own infiltrators have learned.

Thanks to the LA Auto Show and Galpin for helping put this together. Okay, back to reader/subscriber/bud Jonathan. If you also want to have fun like this then become a member.- MH)

Whatever, on to the wine! Stephen and I wandered through the Kevin Hart Collection room, which houses an impressive array of classic muscle and under-the-radar pieces from the ’80s, all retro-modified in various ways. Most interesting to me was a 1960s Mustang coupe with what appeared to be an S197 automatic transmission. Would love to peek under the hood to see what else was done.

Plus there was a protein smoothie stand and tequila in the room! Stephen and I both tried the chocolate smoothie made with banana and unsweetened almond milk. From there we went to the tequila bar.

We each took a shot of Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino Tequila. Admittedly, I’m not a big tequila guy, usually bourbon or vodka are my hard poisons of choice. But with this, I can convert.

kevin hart tequila
great coramino

It went down very smoothly, with a mild but pleasant flavor, and there was no stopping it afterwards. Subsequently a “corner office” was created. Something amazing, refreshing with tequila. I also don’t do jalapeños, but this added a very mild heat to the mixture. If someone said it was just a margarita, I would never have known there was dangerous (to my mild Midwestern tastes) black pepper in there.

Overall, it was a wonderful drinking experience, even better with company! Oh I better run now so I don’t miss my studio tour but I hope to talk to you all again soon!

(Ed note: Here are some other effects of Kevin Hart’s tequila – MH)

Gentleman: “Kevin Hart had sponsorship deals throughout the show. Fabletics, tequila, smoothies. Do you know what he didn’t sponsor? Shrimp stall. This is how Webster defines irony…

But Kevin Hart’s tequila tastes like losing $100 on bills.”

HowInTheNameOfZues: “I’m not sure I’ve experienced Kevin Hart’s world, but I’ve enjoyed Kevin Hart’s cars and finger foods.”


kevin hart tequila “So many carmakers are missing out! I wish Mercedes/BMW/Audi/Mazda/Lincoln/most Acura had as much money as Kevin Hart!”

kevin hart tequila

Photo: The Autopion, Gran Coramino

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