Khaby Lame and Ahsoka arrive at Fortnite

Do you remember when just a few days ago we told you about the top secret theme of the new season of fortnite? Well, know that a few hours ago the official trailer for this season was released, called the last resortand the new skins were presented.

In a fun presentation video posted on the Fortnite YouTube channel, we can see numerous characters trying to steal some golden weapons and other precious objects in a luxurious mansion full of guardians.

Among the characters that appear in the video we also find the well-known Italian influencer. Khaby Lamefamous all over the world for his comedic videos where he shows how to “make things simple”.

The presence of the influencer had already been announced in a promotional image posted by Epic Games shortly before the trailer we saw.

At the end of the trailer we can discover the name of the new season, “The Last Resort” and, sharpening our eyes, we can see the skin of another well-known character from the world of television series: Ahsoka.

The Star Wars character is, in fact, the protagonist of a new series available for a few days on Disney +: an undoubtedly successful promotional choice and one that will be talked about a lot. The Fortnite “Last Resort” season will begin today: August 25th 2023.

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