Khaby Lame is about to become more popular than Charli d’Amelio on TikTok


He didn’t know what to do when the plastics factory he worked for in Turin had left him at home, so out of boredom he downloaded TikTok and started uploading videos to entertain friends. Last week the twenty-one-year-old Khaby Lame became the second most followed user of the platform, with 90 million followers, and thus surpassed Addison Rae, the main inventor of the ballets that we see scrolling every day in the For you page. Then the New York Times he dedicated a profile to him and the international following continued to grow at an exorbitant speed, so much so that according to ” Dazed &confused “ by mid-August it should get to surpass the number one, and that is the queen of TikTok, Charli d’Amelio. According to calculations, since last week his followers have been growing eight times faster than those of Charli, who lately seem to have sunk a bit.


You can’t do this with PASTA AND TESLA MAN!! and I don’t forgive a man who wastes food.#learnfromkhaby #learnwithtiktok #imparacontiktok

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And to think that Khaby had registered on the app only last November, when everyone was busy celebrating Charli, the first TikToker to have reached 100 million followers. Between two ballet queens, here’s Khaby, with his videos that just make you laugh. His formula is simple and he does not need words to make himself understood, just his expressiveness: “If you want to laugh you are in the right place”, reads his bio TikTok. In one video he peels a banana, in another he puts on his socks, in yet another he smears toothpaste on the toothbrush: it simply deconstructs the fashion of meaningless YouTube “life-hacks”. Then his videos always end with his expression “which is the video equivalent of a joke that says “duh”, but goes, extends his arms as if to say voila, and then raises his eyes to the sky or shakes his head in disapproval”, as accurately describes the New York Times.

Arriving in Chivasso, Piedmont, from Senegal when he was one year old, Khaby Lame does not yet have Italian citizenship, although in the interview he gave to the Nyt he explained that nevertheless he is patient, understands the situation and waits. In the same interview he told that his comedy icon is Checco Zalone and that in the fall he will make a video together with Will Smith, in spite of the ballets of Addison and Charli.


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