Khaby Lame surpasses Addison Rae: it is the second most followed in the world on TikTok | video


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Khaby Lame, the 21-year-old Italian of Senegalese origin, has become the second most followed in the world on TikTok: he has surpassed the singer and dancer Addison Rae. Now only Charlie D’Amelio has more followers. We at Le Iene had put a strain on the young content creator of Chivasso in the joke of Sebastian Gazzarrini


Eighty-three million followers, the second position on TikTok and a global success that shows no sign of stopping. Khaby Lame, the 21-year-old Italian of Senegalese descent, has become the second most followed person in the world on the social network that for a while now depopulates among the very young.

With his 83 million followers Khaby Lame – that recently she also surpassed Chiara Ferragni on Instagram, “tearing” her palm of the most followed Italian – is now ahead of Addison Rae, American singer and dancer. Only Charlie D’Amelio remains in front, strong of his more than 120 million followers.

A lightning-fast and continuous rise that of the 21-year-old from Chivasso, who told of having initially dedicated to TikTok when he lost his job during the first lockdown caused by the pandemic. His light, ironic and immediate videos are the basis of his social phenomenon, and even the New York Times has dedicated an article to his success.

We of Le Iene we put Khaby Blades to the test in the joke of Sebastian Gazzarrini, which you can review in the video at the head of this article. The tiktoker has a problem with the English language, so we put it to the test by organizing a fake course with a professor our accomplice. If then you put the daughter of the prof with provocative poses and sexy videos learning the basics really becomes a very hard test! But Amanda, our provocater, is just looking for a scandal photo in order to blackmail the tiktoker.

Do you want to know how it turned out? Watch with us the joke of The Hyenas at Khaby Lame!


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