Khia calls Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album “devil worship music.”

Khia launched into a long and very violent criticism about the last album of Beyonce, “Renaissance”.

Khia highly critical of Queen B’s latest project

Khiaknown for her 2002 hit, My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”, criticized Beyonce for his new album. She called the project devil worship music. She also blamed the singer for interpolating the title Milkshake” of Kelis in the piece Energy. The diatribe of Khia was shared by blogger KenBarbie on Twitter.

In the video, she blames Beyonce “to try to put a spell on everyone, including children, with this shitty album”. She adds : “We’ve been locked up for three damn years and that’s all you could find.” » As a result, she approached the ”stolen sample” at Kelis.

Energy” quickly became a topic of conversation after the release of Renaissance. Kelis came forward to call the piece a flight because she never received her consent to Beyonce to interpolate “Milkshake”.

“My mind is blown too because the level of disrespect and utter ignorance from all 3 parties involved is staggering,” wrote Kelis in a comment on Instagram. Everything indicates that Beyonce removed the use of the sample from “Milkshake” of the song.

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