Khloé Kardashian and her secret to having lost so much weight

Recently, the businesswoman Khloé Kardashian has surprised her fans by her drastic physical changeHowever, thousands of users have also criticized it for the methods it has used.

It seems that the businesswoman Khloé Kardashian continues to give people something to talk about, since she has caused a stir due to her drastic physical change, and it all arose from some recent photos she took for Sorbet magazine.

This is how the sister of Kim Kardashian has been harshly criticizedsome commented that the photos were edited, while several have questioned what she did to lose weight, some speculated that she used diabetes products to reduce her weight.

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After the comments, the famous she did not remain silent and announced that her change has been due to her years of exercise, she gets up 5 days a week at 6 in the morning to train.

It is worth mentioning that the businesswoman’s sisters have worried about her because she looks very thin.

He before and after Kylie Jenner’s sister has been highly commented on networks, which is why they assure that Khloé has had several surgeries on her face, but she confessed that she has only had one, an operation on her nose.

At the time, the businesswoman confessed that it bothered her when people said that she had 12 face implants.

On the other hand, he said that his drastic change is due to the fact that he lost more than 13 kilos and made it clear that in the short term he will not undergo surgery.

Some fans of the model have wondered what diet she follows to train, she has followed a low carbohydrate diet.


In 2019 he announced that he stopped drinking soft drinks and in 2021 he said that it is very important to eat after training.

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