Khloé Kardashian is accused of putting her children in danger!

On social networks, Internet users have accused Khloé Kardashian of having put her children in danger because of a security breach!

In recent months, Khloé Kardashian has not ceased to be talked about. And for good reason, her fans learned that she had had one with Tristan Thompson. On the other hand, his fans have recently accused him of putting his children in danger.

Khloé Kardashian accused of endangering her children

Very active on social networks, Khloé Kardashian often shares her daily life with her fans. This Tuesday, September 27, she found at the heart of a controversy because of his sister Kourtney Kardashian.

Indeed, the one who tries to have one has revealed a security breach in Khloé Kardashian’s car. In fact, she filmed herself do product placement.

In her video, she showed slipping boxes of her Lemme brand vitamins into the backseat of her sister’s car. But that’s not all. She made a confidence that shocked the Web.

The big sister explained: “That’s what I do at carpool… Deposits in Khloe’s car. His door was unlocked”. Subsequently, the main interested party reacted to this surprise.

Khloé Kardashian said: “Kourtney is the little elf at carpool school”. And the least we can say is that this video has caused the astonishment of Internet users.

The latter did not understand that the mother does not lock her car. Especially since she was dropping off her little girl True at school. Many therefore accused her of putting her children in danger.

Internet users in shock

On Reddit, some fans asked Khloé Kardashian: Do we think it’s safe to tell your 500 million subscribers [combinés] that you leave your unlocked car at school ? ».

Before adding: “That’s really not the case. This is such a dangerous (and tacky) way to promote gummies”. But that’s not all.

Another revealed: “Yeah, it’s not sure at all. Just say you dropped them off at Khloé. Needless to mention that the car remained unlocked.

One thing is certain, Khloé Kardashian still finds herself in the buzz for the wrong reasons. A few days ago, she was also talked about for a rather unexpected reason.

Several people saw that she was As a reminder, the latter is the star of the Netflix film “365 DNi”. On a snapshot, the young man put his hand around the waist of the pretty blonde.

It was enough for the rumors to speculate about them. For his part, the actor indicated that he had only met the young woman at Milan Fashion Week.

Some still wonder if a love relationship could emerge between Khloé Kardashian and Michele Morrone. For now, the young woman wants devote herself to her life as a mother.

As a reminder, she takes care of her little boy who was born only a few months ago. It is moreover a child that she had by a surrogate mother with her ex Tristan Thompson. Case to follow!

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