Kia Tilt-proof Challenge, the exciting race on the track with the very powerful EV6 GT

As part of the partnership between kia and the League of Legends EMEA European Championship (LEC), four players tested the very powerful KIA EV6 GT, or the 585 HP version of the well-known zero-emissions crossover. Thus, the protagonists of this adventure were able to check if they are “rollover proof.” In gaming slang, the term “tilt” refers to the act of getting angry, while the expression “tilt-proof” refers to staying calm when something doesn’t go your way. It was all immortalized in a compelling film.

The emotions of the participants.

In Kia’s tilt test challenge, one professional specialist He drove the EV6 GT on the track and a series of specific cameras and sensors allowed the heart rate of the participants, all content creators, to be monitored. It was also possible to monitor their facial expressions during the race, with the aim of detecting any signs of “leaning” or variation of emotions. The results can be seen by typing the hashtag #tiltproofchallenge.

The protagonists of the video.

In the video in question, two minutes long, we witness the presentation of the streamers. @Werlyb, @Carmensandwich, @Broeki and @Romainjacques, followed by the vehicle and the phrase “tilt-proof.” During the movie it is possible to see dynamic sequences of the EV6 GT alternating with shakes and projections of the players’ heartbeats. Medic, a doctor turned LEC pitcher, is tasked with moderating the competition, explaining how the challenge works, and calling out players on their “inclinations.”

The challenge continues

The exciting video ends with the image of the four players getting out of the Kia EV6 GT surprised to say the least and with difficulty breathing, but also with two provocative questions addressed directly to the audience as a real challenge: “And you? Are you tilt proof?

David HilbertMarketing Director of Kia Europe, stated:

This campaign was the perfect opportunity to combine two concepts: tilt-proof, in reference to our partnership with the League of Legends EMEA Championship, and EV6 GT, our World Performance Car 2023. Challenging participants to drive an EV6 GT without getting into “ tilt”, we were able to demonstrate how fun and dynamic the driving experience of the EV6 GT is. Seeing that each of the participants could not hide their emotions demonstrates what the EV6 GT is capable of: exhilarating and dynamic driving performance.

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