Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2023: Who are the winners?

The Kids’ Choice Awards were handed out last Saturday night in a surprise-filled ceremony with Ian Lucas and Kenyatta as the night’s big winners. In La Razón we reveal the most relevant moments of the evening and who were its protagonists.

The fourteenth installment of the Kids’ Choice Awards was packed with celebrities, The shows and operations were in charge of Juanpa Zurita and Maca Beso, among the people and influencers. Kenia Os and Ian Lucas took two blimps each.

they were honored as With Latin artists and global hits of the year, With the theme “Bad Decisions”. Other than this, His followers were selected as master fans.

meanwhile he He was awarded as the funniest producer and was chosen as the favorite pairing with Fede Vigevani. The influencer thanked his followers for their support and assured that it is a dream to receive this award in Mexico.

Other than this, Fer Jalil and River were awarded the GRWM of the Year and Coolest Streamer recognition. Karol Sevilla and Joaquín Bondoni were awarded Best Actress and Best Actor respectively, while Favorite Premiere of the Year went to Merlina.

Other than thisTaylor Swift, performing in Mexico City, was voted Global Favorite Artist. while Camilo and Camila Cabello’s theme, “Ambulencia”, was chosen as the favorite collaboration.

In addition, the Mexican group Picas were crowned as monstrous musical revelations during the ceremony. Kids Choice Awards 2023. “Many thanks to everyone who trusted us”, Anthony, a member of the group, said.

The German Garamendia was recognized for his career, as well as the Blimp as a Chilean celebrity. Other award winners were: Los Rules, as Trender of the Year; Candace Peredo as Gossip Fav; Aaron Mercury as Celebrity Crush; La Granja del Borrego, for Sonando a lo Grande and Fernando Lucio in the Our World category, among many others.

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