Kim Kardashian accused of being a bad mother for her daughter North!

On social networks, several Internet users have accused Kim Kardashian of not paying attention to the skin of her big daughter North!

On social networks, Kim Kardashian appears She does not hesitate to share videos and photos with them. Especially with her oldest daughter, North.

“Stop exploiting children! »

Not long ago, Kim Kardashian announced the release of her . It has also promoted its nine new products on the Web. These include a cleanser, an exfoliant.

But also a hyaluronic acid serum. Or a vitamin C serum. In total, Kim Kardashian’s products are worth $630. In one video, North appeared to be touch up face with cream.

It was enough for the fans to rebel. The reason ? They think this cream is harmful to the little girl’s face. “His poor skin is going to burst so much with that *****!” Stop exploiting children! ».

Another swung: ” Honestly, a 9-year-old shouldn’t get care skin like this. And fuck up her skin barrier with exfoliation and vitamin C serums”.

A third revealed to Kim Kardashian: “Kids shouldn’t worry about their aging face! but also “I also think it’s horrible to teach a 9-year-old that he needs products to take care of his skin”.

“At this age he should just put on sunscreen”, “It would have been a cute little Tiktok where she plays with her mother’s care. but we know that this is a promo for SKKN.

Kim Kardashian accused of being a bad mother

Several Kim Kardashian fans also don’t understand that her daughter is using a $75 cream. On the other hand, the beauty seems to have . It must be said that she has been a very public figure for years.

In her new reality show, The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian still admitted that she wanted preserve his children. She wants to do her best so that they don’t miss anything. But that’s not all.

also explained that she spent as much time as possible with them. Despite everything, some fans still accuse the young woman of not not fulfilling her role as a mother to perfection.

It remains to be seen whether Kim Kardashian will decide to respond to these bad comments. This is not the first time that some have accused him of exceeding the limits with his children.

When the latter receive luxury gifts, the reality TV candidate finds herself at the heart of a big bad buzz. On the other hand, some fans do not hesitate to come to his defense from time to time.

For her part, Kim Kardashian very rarely responds to the bad buzz about her. It must be said that she has used to being criticized. It remains to be seen whether, this time, she will decide to speak about this new bad buzz about North.

You will have to be patient before you find out. Case to follow!

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