Kim Kardashian and her possible new boyfriend: Who is the man she calls Fred?

C.For non-celebrities we never cease to wonder how complicated it must be for celebrities like celebrities Kim Kardashian Just go out and have fun with someone. Soon after the paparazzi spotted him, a new story of this new escort man would begin to be posted online.

That part of dating is something Kim Kardashian absolutely hates. On a recent episode of her reality show, Kardashian debuted dinner with her friend. Scott Disick, He told her straight out that no one has seen her date recently. the kardashians He explains why dating without a serious relationship becomes a difficult task.

What is this Kim They told diskick: “Well, it’s hard because what are those first dates like? Behind the door, you can’t make out. It’s weird. The thing here is if you’re seen with someone, if it doesn’t work out Lets start, you almost have. I’ll have to try to work it out a little more because you’re embarrassed it was so soon. I just want to get out for a bit. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sneak out, I don’t want to date just one person, but I’ve never dated… The funny thing is my friends wanted me to date someone, so let’s go to New York and *beep* this is my place Kind of because there’s a private room on the ground floor, but then the internet was like, ‘Kim has reunited with Pete in this place.'”

Is this mystery man a famous rapper?

During this exchange, Kim Kardashian he assured diskick Who wants to be single for at least a few years. However, the talks were repeatedly interrupted the kardashians She was smiling at her phone as she typed frantically.

Scott made it clear that she didn’t think she’d be single, especially after Kim told him that this boy ‘Fred’ meets the standards. Speculation has run rampant on the internet as to who this man could be. a lot of money is on a famous rapper Fly, but there has been no confirmation other than that name. For now, we have to confine ourselves to ‘Fred’,


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