Kim Kardashian apparently damaged Marilyn Monroe’s legendary dress

Was it “irresponsible” to lend Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress to Kim Kardashian for the Met Gala? In any case, this is what collector Scott Fortner, a specialist in the actress, thinks (he also assembled the largest private collection of objects that belonged to the star, The Marilyn Monroe Collection), who examined the garment, literally, from top to bottom since it returned to its owner, Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum.

And the result is (according to him) catastrophic. The dress, worn by the actress when she sang happy birthday at JFK for her 45th birthday, not only was stretched in some places, especially the zippers in her lower back, but she also lost crystals.

Not his fault

The expert, who says he does not want to personally attack Kim Kardashian, explains however that this historical object should never have been worn because of its fragility.

“The disappointment I feel is due to the fact that Ripley has made multiple statements that they are doing everything they can to protect and preserve the dress. I think it was irresponsible, it’s not just a dress. He’s a cultural icon. He’s a political icon. He’s a Hollywood icon,” he recalled in an interview with Sky News.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not did not comment on the subject and Kim Kardashian also refrained from speaking. The star had promised that she would do everything not to damage the dress and even went on a crash diet to wear it, after realizing that she wouldn’t fit in it a month before the Met Gala. The businesswoman had also said that she only wore the original on the red carpet for photographers and had put on a copy once in the museum to attend the gala evening.

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