Kim Kardashian avoids controversy by deleting photos from her past

For any famous person, the act of publishing their own photo is far more complicated than for someone without the same media relevance., This is because, after all, photographs immortalize the moments in our lives, as well as allow us to remember them, even if they are from 10 or 20 years ago or even more. What happens with celebrities is that they have thousands of people scrutinizing every corner of their pictures and looking for details, secrets, flaws, anything that can be taken out of said picture. Kim Kardashian is one of many examples.And recently he had to collect cables to avoid problems and comments, unfortunately he could not succeed in view of the fact that Internet memory is quite extensive.

Kim Kardashian decided to post some photos from a long time ago, perhaps motivated by nostalgia or whim. Between photo and photo we can see her on the couch with a friend, and even in one photo she’s posing with Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner, her mother and sister respectively, but most of all Eyes went somewhere else.

Kim Kardashian

Netizens saw something that shouldn’t be seen with the naked eye

In the photos, Kim Kardashian wore a two-piece taupe dress, with blonde hair and makeup according to her style., However, over time all this faded into the background someone noticed something peeking out of the top cut of kim kardashian’s skirt: It was her girdle that shouldn’t have been seen at first, but she came out to say hello for the photo.

The statement with which the business woman took the photo, “i love digging through old pictures on my phoneIt took a 180-degree turn when Kim Kardashian removed the photos from her network, however, like everything else on the internet, it is quite difficult to erase completely. The damage was already done and the comments flew like clothes hanging in a strong wind.

maybe some expected Kris Jenner’s daughter will take the opportunity to promote her own brand of shapewear, SkimsAlthough this was not the case, there was no shortage of mocking comments from users of platforms such as Reddit, where you could read: “Watch him work those skims, y’all.” Kim Kardashian became somewhat of a subject of ridiculeHe was also criticized for his appearance, not for whether or not he was wearing a waistband, but because, according to Internet users, he would be participating in an event known as “”.blackfishing,

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been accused of trying to change the color of her skin

The term “blackfishing” refers to the practice of altering the skin color or style of a black person to match their appearance.Which led to criticism and skepticism among users, with some wondering “What caste are you trying to be?”, while others were blunt and attacked the business woman’s neck, condemning her actions and the previous status quo. brought to the present Kim Kardashian was accused of cultural appropriation for her hairstyle choices, There’s no doubt that the Skims owner is in the grip of a storm.

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