Kim Kardashian, Balenciaga and Armani: three books with different visions of fashion

From Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga to the life of Armani in these three books
From Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga to the life of Armani in these three books

2023 arrives with its load of novelties: novels, science fiction, scientific texts and even the memories of the prince harrywhich raised a wave of rumors among the thousands of readers who sought to discover the secrets of the Royal family. Books bring us closer to worlds that are alien to us most of the time and to little-known realities, and the world of fashion is no exception, here you will find a list of news, to learn more about the designers, their creations and even the social impact.

"To dress is to dream - From Fortun to Palomo" -Luis Sala (Turner).
“Dressing is dreaming – From Fortun to Palomo” – Luis Sala (Turner).

In this title, louis roombriefly presents the history of Spanish fashion and takes a tour of national fashion over a hundred years, from the birth on the Basque coast of the genius who revolutionized fashion, Christopher Balenciagauntil ending in the Córdoba town of inns, with the birth of the current reinventor of fashion genderless, Alejandro Gomez Palomodesigner and creative director of the firm Palomo Spain.

In “Dress is dreaming” (Turner), the pages take the reader on a journey in this illustrated compilation volume in which he traces a century of creators. Among them, Sybilla Sorondo and its invisible thread; the colors of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada; the Hangisi of Manolo Blahnik; the vindication of fashion influenced by the current of the ballroom with Ana Locking; the newcomer Maria Rodriguez in command of REVELIGIONand the eternal struggle of Dolores Cortes for getting the perfect swimsuit, among other creators who have influenced world trends.

“I think this book may interest those of us who like fashion because it collects untold stories. In the end, this has been an exercise in bringing them all together, putting them in a shaker and making something that will be on the shelves for tomorrow.” louis room.

"Dumb Are Never Elegant: Giorgio Armani In His Words" - Paola Chicken (Elba).
“Dumbs are never elegant: Giorgio Armani in his words” – Paola Pollo (Elba).

This volume coordinated by paola chickenintroduces himself as the creator of one of the largest fashion empires, Giorgio ArmaniHe was not a man of half measures. This book introduces the character and the person who always assured that things were black or white, otherwise they did not exist. In this compendium of 232 pagesthe author introduces the character to the Giorgiowho was not afraid of the word.

In “Fools are never elegant” (Elba), is one of the few men who publicly says what he thinks about everything and everyone, his colleagues, money, success and fame. Chicken manages to portray in his text a man in the midst of a world of appearance and image, a rare phenomenon and not everyone is lucky. This volume collects forty years of experience that represent a lifetime in relation to fashion.

“In this book structured in the form of quotations —I warn you because the format is important and there will be those who prefer classic chapters— there is everything that Giorgio Armani says, but above all what he does not say and is read between the lines”, paola chicken.

"Fashion and other neuroses" -Katja Eichinger (Plankton Press).
“Fashion and other neuroses” – Katja Eichinger (Plankton Press).

This book is made up of ten essays written by Katja Eichingerin which he analyzes the white shoes that the philosopher never takes off Jürgen Habernasthroughout his 198 pagesexplains how a dress can be a sedative against social anxiety, and jumps lightly from kim kardashian a shakespeare; the writer ventures beyond the world of aesthetics, and she defends the power of fashion.

Katja Eichingerin “Fashion and other neuroses” (Plankton Press), is in charge of drawing fashion as a political act and as a symbol of our own aspirations. A book in which the German journalist intends to analyze the world of catwalks and fashion from the cultural spectrum. fast fashionthrough texts that come from psychology, sociology and pop culture, as well as high amounts of humor that evoke the obsession of eichinger for this bright world.

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