Kim Kardashian becomes a trend in sports fashion

In recent years, Kim Kardashian It has become a true fashion benchmark. After having experimented with many styles, the socialite found a balance between sports fashion and slightly more elegant looks, becoming the greatest exponent of the sporty chic trend worldwide. After the launch of her Skims brand, hundreds of firms have been inspired by the most famous of the Kardashians to create their sportswear collections, her iconic catsuit being one of the garments most replicated by the vast majority of emerging brands.

In fact, the sporty style of Kim Kardashian inspired a group of Spanish entrepreneurs, who created the sportswear firm ‘Role Clothing’, who have opted for catsuits by turning them into a sports piece for all those who want to go to the gym comfortably , but without losing style. Although they have several garments available on their website, the star piece of the brand is the ‘Kim Bodysuit’, the jumpsuit inspired by the looks of Kim Kardashian. This garment has a compression band that reinforces the abdomen area, while defining the curves perfectly. It is available from size S to L. The original price is 39.90 euros, but currently they cost 32 euros when they are on sale.

The Made in Spain firm has also designed the ‘Joie Bodysuit’ model, a garment that has become one of the most sought after in winter sales, since it is currently sold for 30.92 euros, 7 euros less than its usual price. This model has been designed to meet all the requirements of people who practice high-density training, since it combines a high-support sports bra with a reducing girdle that provides greater grip in each of the movements. In the same way as the ‘Kim Bodysuit’, this model is designed to achieve a much more athletic and slim figure.

‘Role Clothing’ is a brand created by Rubén Gómez and Nordin, two fans of the world of fitness, and the model and influencer Rosa López, who has been in charge of modeling and viralizing each of the firm’s collections. The founders of the brand are committed to the use of their garments outside the gym, highlighting the versatility of each of the pieces in their sports collections. “Athleisure is breaking with the standards of good dress in our society and it is here to stay, because you can go to any plan with our Kim jumpsuit and no one will think that it is out of place,” explained Rosa López.

Oysho, the Inditex brand with which you can recreate the look of Kim Kardashian

In addition to the options presented by the emerging brand ‘Role Clothing’, the Oysho brand has also joined the catsuit trend. In its sportswear collection, this low-cost firm has presented various designs for jumpsuits inspired by Kim Kardashian. The Inditex brand has launched two proposals: jumpsuits and cycling, both made with UPF40 + protection, ideal for intense outdoor training.

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