Kim Kardashian breaks Instagram with a dress with a neckline

    kim kardashian He has done it again: in less than 12 hours, he has surpassed 2 million ‘likes’ in an image gallery on his Instagram. We are surprised? It does not surprise us, but the reason is commentable –at least– and that is why we have come here. Since Kim and Pete Davidson decided to continue their lives separately, the truth is that Kim has been enjoying a lot: events, trips, birthday parties, moments with her family and her children…

    We already know that social networks are only the showcase of what we want to show, so we have no idea what her post-breakup mourning has been like, but even so, what cannot be denied is that she has been busy: and we are glad! a lot! Through this “showcase”, we have also seen how the year started and the first ‘looks’ that he has been choosing for his ‘little things’ for this month of January. Well, the last dress, with a heart-stopping neckline, has caught the attention of her fans, and they have turned the gallery that has been uploaded into one of the fastest to reach one million followers.

    The dress has a neckline with an asymmetric strap and in champagne color, a very top proposal for any event.

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    Can you imagine uploading content to your social networks and having the mobile ‘pete’ based on ‘likes’? Kim is used to it by now – since 2009 with her Twitter posts of hers (benchmark and life stage fantasy) – and we imagine this is just the start of a very promising year for her. With what personal or professional step will you surprise us?

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