Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her ‘Happy Era’ With Stunning New Image After Kanye West Marriage Reports

kim kardashian she has made it clear that she has been enjoying life this period despite her ex-husband’s recent marriage.

According to the reports, Kanye West married the designer of Yeezy, Bianca Censoriin a private ceremony that took place in Beverly Hills.

The ‘happy era’ of Kim Kardashian

However, the famous influencers us instagram to post three new photos and declare that he has been going through a “I was happy”. Kardashian dyed her hair black again after going blonde last year.

“There she is!! Extra brunette Kim!!” makeup artist Ashley Kholm commented on the image.

West and his doubtful marriage

West, meanwhile, stole the spotlight last week when reports emerged emphasizing that he was marrying a Yeezy employee, who has worked as an architectural designer for the brand for a few years.

according to page six, the couple did not present a marriage certificate to legalize their marriage. Meanwhile, the Kardashian family is concerned about the impact this marriage will have on her four children with Kim.

“The family is not taking this as a marriage yet. They don’t know what it is,” a source told page six.

“They are not sure if it is a public relations stunt. They are waiting to see if she presents the documents. They are nervous because if it is real, she would be in the lives of the children,” he added.

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