Kim Kardashian denounced by her cleaners


Legal problems coming for Kim Kardashian.

The socialite has been sued by the cleaning staff of her Californian property for non-payment and for not giving her employees adequate lunch breaks.

Seven individuals filed a complaint, claiming that they had not been paid at regular intervals and had not received any overtime compensation for their work at their hidden hills, California mansion.

According to TMZ, Kardashian also did not authorize her staff to take breaks for meals.


Now the accusers are demanding damages, as well as the payment of additional penalties.

Kim, through her representatives, immediately sent the charges back to the sender, inviting the cleaners to pick on a contractor to whom she herself had given the task of taking care of the service in question.

“Kim is not responsible for the way the company manages its affairs and the agreements it has entered into directly with its staff,” the star’s spokesman replied. “Kim has never not paid a seller for his services and hopes that the problem between these employees and the supplier who hired them can be solved amicably.”


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