Kim Kardashian: First official romantic outing with Pete Davidson, she shines in front of Joe Biden!

Does this message mean anything to you? Well, it’s actually the initial of the first name of his new partner, Kim Kardashian… accompanied by that of the 4 children born to his relationship with Kanye West, North (8 years old), Saint (6 years old), Chicago (4 years) and Psalm (2 years). A strange initiative, after only six months of relationship, but which proves that the young man of 28 years sees himself going far with his sweetheart, 13 years older than him.

A new tattoo that should not please Kanye West on the other hand: very angry to have been left by his wife, tired of his bipolar disorder, he had threatened the comedian many times and explained that he was afraid for their children. He had even started a rather filthy rumor, explaining that Pete Davidson had AIDS. A charge which the comedian made fun of a few days ago, when he was making his comeback on stage.

Addressing his relationship with Kourtney and Khloé’s sister from the outset, he recalled what the rapper had said, explaining that even he had to “to believe it, because it’s genius“. A small spade, added to the dinner at the White House, which will perhaps relaunch the little war on Kanye’s side, even if for a few weeks now, he seems to have calmed down, perhaps finally decided to try to cure his illness.

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