Kim Kardashian Fractured Her Shoulder And Torn Her Tendon: “Nothing Will Let Me Down”

Kim said she fractured her shoulder and tore a tendon. (Reuters)

Kim Kardashian It was learned that he had met with a very serious accident which resulted in a fracture in his shoulder and a torn tendon. Although it has taken him several days to recover, the Skims CEO is already undergoing rehabilitation.

Through his Instagram stories, the protagonist of the reality show ‘The Kardashians’, Where she also revealed to her more than 360 million followers that her personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, is in charge of helping her recover.

He commented, “I broke my shoulder and tore my tendon so I was out of the gym for a few weeks, but I’m back!”

“We are starting our rehabilitation today. nothing will let me downHe added Kim Kardashian,

Kim Kardashian is on the mend and is now undergoing rehabilitation to be 100% healthy. (The Grosby Group)

The businesswoman wanted to be honest with her followers but did not provide details about how it happened that she dislocated her shoulder and tore her tendon.

daughter of kris jenner He has shown that when he takes on new challenges, he takes them very seriously. the kardashians The first glimpse of her appearance in the new Season 12 trailer reveals a disturbing change american horror story, fragile,

Starring in Preview of the Series Emma Robertsand in which he is also seen cara delevigneThe owner of Skims is shown in a platinum wig and gothic look holding a baby.

Besides, Kim Kardashian She wore elbow-length black gloves, red lipstick, bleached eyebrows, and extremely long false eyelashes.

Kim Kardashian is unrecognizable alongside Cara Delevigne and Emma Roberts in the first look at American Horror Story Season 12.

Reactions to the trailer started pouring in on Twitter and one social media user admitted, “When it was announced I didn’t understand how it would fit into the show, but so far (look-wise) it’s looking really cool.” Is!”

season 12 American Horror Story would be great guests, one of them is Zachary Quinto. actor, who had already made an appearance in the expected series, noted the performance of Kim the kardashians In ‘tender’, Which will premiere on Disney+ this year.

fifth He was pleased with the professionalism of the businesswoman and revealed that he was “impressed” with her work in the series.

“I did a cameo on this season of ‘American Horror Story,’ and I got to meet him. She was very sweet and warm and I don’t think she needed my advice,” he added. People, “I was very impressed by his spirit and his candor. I’m really looking forward to this season because I think he’s going to do amazing things.”

AHS Season 12 Titled “Delicate” Is Inspired By The Book critical conditionIon, written by author Danielle Valentine, tells the story of an actress named Anna Alcott who is convinced that someone is trying to stop her from getting pregnant.

Kim Kardashian was unrecognizable in the first preview for season 12 of ‘American Horror Story’.

After several in vitro fertilization treatments, the character of Kim Kardashian She eventually becomes pregnant but miscarries, or so her doctors assure her, but she feels the baby move around in her womb.

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