Kim Kardashian gave Jimmy Fallon a nice facial massage and he looked super comfortable

Kim K was passing through on Tuesday evening at the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon to promote his new line of SKKN beauty products.

The former Mrs. West and now Mrs. Davidson has recently released nine products, all of which must be used together and sell for a total of US$630.

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To make the facilitator demonstrate the effectiveness of its products, Kim K did not hesitate to apply it vehemently in the face.

As she roughly pats her face, Kardashian explains that you have to do this to make sure the product soaks into the skin.

Tortured by the reality TV star, Fallon calls for help from her son, Saint, who was born in 2015, during her union with rapper Kanye West.

But hey, it was all just theater and Fallon raves to know that he has sparkling facial skin.

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“I feel alive,” he shouts at the end of the segment.

While he’s enjoying his new look, he’s not sure that like Kim, he’d be willing to eat poo to stay young.

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