Kim Kardashian gets a restraining order against a man who harassed her and claimed he was her husband

Lto life of kim kardashian it is full of controversy and, recently, has been embroiled in a pleasant nothing. Apparently, a 28-year-old man has been hanging around his Los Angeles home since last December. The man He claimed that he was her husband and brought him gifts. Now, the celebrity has obtained a restraining order.

The stalker, Jomonie Victor Zigler, had the habit of going to the residence that the 42-year-old businesswoman has in the Californian city. Luckily for the best known of the Kardashian sisters, his security team was in charge of stopping him and prevent the matter from escalating further, according to the TMZ portal.

The young man sent gifts and claimed that he was her husband

On the other hand, the defendant used to send messages through social networks and referred to Kim Kardashian as his “wife” and made reference to explicit issues about the American model. The aforementioned medium assures that the lawyer shawn holleywho legally assists the ex of Kanye West, will have delivered a document to the court in which he maintains that Jomonie Victor Zigler came to send a diamond ring and some keys to a hotel room, among other objects.

After a month of several altercations, Kim Kardashian decided to file a restraining order against her stalker. Although the letter is valid for only one month, it is expected that after that date the hearing will be held between both parties involved.

A theory that emerged on social networks, on the other hand, claims that Zigler is actually Kanye West. The artist is the father of Kim Kardashian’s four children and, since his breakup, he has starred in several statements and altercations that have led him to lose employment contracts.

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