Kim Kardashian HAPPY after the suspension of her ex-husband, Kanye West on IG

Both the divorce and her exit from social networks have given Kim Kardashian a real break after the father of her children, Kanye West.

Everything seems to indicate that life has sided with Kim Kardashian and has turned its back on singer Kanye West, who has been really affected since the divorce of the mother of his children.

And it is that the deterioration of the couple’s relationship occurred when the businesswoman decided to start an affair with the comedian Pete Davidson, something that did not seem in the least to the rapper.

It was precisely for this reason that the problems between them began, because he even said that he would not let her see her children, something that she denied and justified in how violent she had behaved in recent months.

But now, it was revealed that the 44-year-old businessman had also been suspended from Instagram for inciting hatred, harassment and intimidation of the current partner of the Kardashian leader.

The businesswoman has expressed her happiness after the suspension of her ex in networks. Photo: Getty Images

And it is that Kanye’s latest publications violated the policies of the famous social network of images and videos, this for his hate speech, harassment, and intimidation of several people.

That is why Mark Zuckerberg’s platform decided to suspend his official account for 24 hours, during which time he will not be able to post, comment, send direct messages, among other functions within the application.

After the news was released in different media, it was Kylie Jenner’s older sister who claimed to be the happiest after her ex’s departure from Instagram.

The singer has gotten a social media suspension. Photo: Getty Images

This is what Kim Kardashian said after the departure of Kanye West

To recapitulate a bit, the suspension of the American musician was largely due to his constant attacks against Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, for which she was the happiest for the suspension.

According to a source close to the model, she assured People magazine that she is very calm, as they have a real respite from her ex’s constant attacks.

“Kim found the suspension fair, but her reaction was not very dramatic. He didn’t give it much thought and joked that he needed a break for a day. However, all of Kanye’s posts have been exhausting for her,” the insider said.

What is a fact is that the media harassment that Kanye West has promoted against Kim Kardashian makes this suspension a real sigh since they were formally divorced.

The businesswoman has expressed her happiness after the suspension of her ex in networks. Photo: Getty Images

“It is very impressive how calm and collected she is able to remain… She is very happy with Pete. Her children are doing very well,” he added.


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