Kim Kardashian: her argument with Kanye West after her appearance on the show “Saturday Night Live”

Now, Kim Kardashian is living a beautiful love story with comedian Pete Davidson. The star has rebuilt her life with the host, who recently accompanied her to the 2022 Met Gala. The couple also walked their first red carpet together this weekend at a party at the White House. However, Kanye West, the star’s ex-husband, has a hard time accepting Kim Kardashian’s new companion. Although he is currently on a trip to Japan with his new girlfriend Chaney Jones, many see the relationship as a way to reach Kim Kardashian. “In her mind, it will make Kim jealous – even though Kim has clearly moved on. Seeing Kim with Pete drives him crazy and it’s his way of getting revenge on her,” a source close to “The Sun” told The Sun. If today the ex-spouses no longer speak to each other, Kim Kardashian revealed in a new episode of her family reality TV, that her time on the show “Saturday Night Live” had particularly annoyed Kanye West.

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Kanye West left the room during his sketch

Indeed, in October 2021, Kim Kardashian is invited to host the comedy show of NBC. On stage, the young woman begins a comic monologue where she makes fun of herself, her family and her relationship with Kanye West. However, the latter does not appreciate his humor in particular when Kim Kardashian says: “I married the best rapper of all time and” the richest black man in America “, a legitimate and talented genius who m gave birth to four incredible children. So when I got divorced, you should know it came down to one thing: his personality. “A joke that angered Kanye West, who even left the room during the sketch. She explains in the new episode of “The Kardashians”: “He is upset that I said ‘the reason I got divorced’ – I used the word ‘divorced’ – when he would have liked me to say “filed for divorce”. She goes on to confide in her sister Khloé Kardashian: “And he was upset that I also said he was a rapper. He said, “I’m so much more than a rapper. I can’t believe you said rapper.” Kim Kardashian says, “He walked off the Saturday Night Live set in the middle of my monologue, so I haven’t spoken to him since.” I’ve been to so many speeches that haven’t been the most comfortable for me, but he was my partner and I supported him. I would never embarrass her, I would never go out and leave. The mother of North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm adds of the father of her children who recently harassed her on social media: “I never meant to offend anyone and I never meant to hurt anyone, but that’s also what this monologue was for; it was for a joke. She concludes: “I laughed at myself, I laughed at my mother, I laughed at everything personal to me and it was all fun and games, but apparently it wasn’t. was not for him. »

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