Kim Kardashian: her daughter Chicago ready to do a feat with Kanye West?

In a video posted to Instagram, Kim Kardashian shared her daughter Chicago West’s talent for singing.

In a short video posted by Kim Kardashian, fans were able to discover the talent of her daughter, Chicago West, for singing. In effect, the little girl sang a song with her daddy wonderfullyto know True Love by XXXTentacion. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Kim Kardashian close to her children

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Kim Kardashian, is that she is very close to her children. So much so that the star does not hesitate to post them on social media.

So, if it makes his fans happy to hear from the children of their favorite influencer, this is not the case for Kanye West. In effect, the father of the family does not appreciate seeing his children on the Internet.

Moreover, the rapper did not fail to make your disagreement known. And this, in the lyrics of one of his songs.

“Another title, ‘Where’s your head?’ / ‘N—a, go home, where are your children?’ / They’re on my nerves, they’re on my nerves”he proclaimed in the piece Hot S*** by Cardi B and Lil Durk.

However, that didn’t stop Kim Kardashian from continuing. This Sunday, October 9, 2022, she posted a video of her daughter Chicago and her film Psalm.

While the family was on a road trip, the children had fun singing their father’s song at the top of their voices. It was an opportunity for fans to notice the talent of Chicago. MCE TV tells you more!

Chicago West in the footsteps of his father?

This Sunday, October 9, 2022, Kim Kardashian posted an adorable video on her Instagram account. Inside, we can see Psalm and Chicago West singing.

But, they don’t sing just any song. Indeed, they perform True Love, a song by XXXTentacion featuring their father, Kanye West.

Faced with this adorable situation, Kim Kardashian had no choice but to share this scene with his fans. ” Oh my God they are so cute i had to share”she wrote in the caption.

And if the video was, of course, very cute, which fans noticed, It’s little Chicago’s talent for singing. Could the little girl have inherited her dad’s gift for music?

“Chicago is the next Whitney, I’m afraid!”, “She is really iconic”, “They are so cute. Chicago is definitely a singer in the making”can we then read in the comments of the star of social networks.

Indeed, from the height of its 4 years, Chicago West already shows a nice vibrato. At least, that’s what jumped out at Kim Kardashian fans.

It remains to be seen if the young girl will continue in this momentum. In any case, she seems to like to push the ditty. It’s a case to follow, therefore!

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