Kim Kardashian, her daughter North unleashed in the face of the paparazzi in a very noticed look

Energy, North – the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, born June 15, 2013 – does not lack it. This Tuesday, August 2, when she returned, accompanied by her mother, from her karate class, the young girl had a lot of fun with the paparazzi who prowled around their house in Los Angeles. A sequence immortalized in photos. Many shots on which we see the child smiling, laughing, sticking out his tongue and dancing in front of the photographers.

Her way of provoking them, no doubt, while her mother seemed much more annoyed by this unexpected visit, evidenced by her inappropriate gesture while she was still in the vehicle. Be that as it may, these shots testify to the inescapable complicity that emanates from the relationship between the loyal client of Balenciaga and her daughter. Their common passion for fashion is also obvious.

Style above all!

Evidenced by the very casual and very stylish look of the young girl, who wore an oversized t-shirt with a black pattern, accompanied by sky blue jeans with holes and a pair of black flip-flops. Not to mention her very original long braids. A rocker look, which complemented her mother’s more sportswear outfit perfectly. Note that this is not the first time that they appear side by side in dashing outfits.

Last month, they were photographed getting out of a car while attending Paris Fashion Week. Kim K was displayed in a sublime a flashy green outfitconsisting of a camouflage t-shirt, leggings whose price is estimated at £2,300 as well as a pair of heels, while North had opted for an oversized teddy, matching sunglasses, wide black pants and platform shoes. She also held in her hand a Balenciaga bag worth £1,350 and wore crocs of the same brand, estimated at £675, on her feet.

The same evening, in front of the restaurant Ferdy, mother and daughter crackled the flashes of photographers in new outfits, always very evocative of their fashion tastes. It is certain that a common passion, although they do not need it to love each other, brings them closer!

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