Kim Kardashian in tears over her se*tape brought back by Kanye West

Kim Kardashian in tears over her se*tape brought back by Kanye West

In the last episode of the series The Kardashians, Kanye West took charge in person of recovering the hard drive with the famous se*tape of Kim Kardashian who, under the influence of emotion, ended in tears but must be reassured to n didn’t see the video released publicly to the world.

Recovered se*tape features never-before-seen footage of Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family is back on Hulu for a new show with a sequence that shocked the public from the first episode. Indeed Kim Kardashian was in panic following her fear that her son learned of the existence of her se * tape before facing the threat of Wack100. 6ix9ine’s manager says he’s ready to reveal a private video of her having sex with ex-boyfriend Ray J. “You’re not going to tell me it’s starting again? This time, I know the right lawyers. I’m not going to let the situation repeat itself. I have the time, I have the money, I have all the resources to finish them and leave them on the ground” she was annoyed.

Even if they are now separated, in the face of such a case, Kanye West did not hesitate to come to the aid of the mother of his children and gave him his support. Indeed the American rapper managed to get his hands on the hard drive containing the famous sequence and decided to bring it back Kim Kardashian who burst into tears after having recovered it.

“I know Kanye did this for me, but also for my children. I want to protect them from all of this as best I can. And if I have the power, or if Kanye has the power, it is essential to do it. I’m so moved, it means a lot to me.” she said.

Yeezy said he was able to take the video in question by meeting Ray J at an airport. ” I met [Ray J] at the airport, I came back, and I delivered the computer to him at 8 am. I gave it to her, she cried when she saw it. Do you know why she cried when she saw the computer? It represents all those times it has been used. It represents the fact that people didn’t really like her, but saw her as a commodity.” something to relieve Kim K.

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