Kim Kardashian is accused of using Khloé’s trauma!

New controversy for Kim Kardashian! The star is accused by his fans of surfing on his sister Khloé’s trauma to make the buzz.

One more new bad buzz for Kim Kardashian. The latest news, his fans accuse him of using the trauma of his sister Khloé for their show The Kardashians. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Kim Kardashian is on all fronts

Kim Kardashian is to date one of the most publicized stars in the world. As a reminder, the businesswoman saw her career take off thanks to the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

With her illustrious family, the main interested party has fascinated thousands of viewers by constantly immortalizing his daily life in LA In his life, twists and turns are not uncommon… Quite the contrary!

In the process, Kim Kardashian conquered the crowds with her love story with Kanye West. Together, the duo formed one of the couples the most powerful in show business.

But in 2021, Kris Jenner’s daughter shocked her fans by acknowledging his separation with the rapper. Wanting to preserve their four children, the ex-lovebirds agree as best they can!

However, for a time it’s the war between the two exes. According to some tabloids, the interpreter of Stronger would not have accepted the romance of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

Since then, water has flowed under the bridges. So out of sight, Kim Kardashian continues to manage her countless brands.

Even without Kanye West, the influence struggles to remain one icon in the world of fashion. It is not uncommon to see her in the biggest Fashion Week shows.

At the same time, Stormi’s aunt continues filming for her family show The Kardashians. Last I heard, she’s at the heart of a new controversy!

Is Khloé being used by her big sister?

The ambition of Kim Kardashian continues to puzzle His fans. For some of them, she would also be ready to do anything to stay in the spotlight.

In her new reality show, the young woman did not want to unpack all her secrets. In particular his relationship with Pete Davidson or even all the underside of her divorce from Kanye West.

But a handful of his haters accuse him of using some of his sister Khloé’s issues to create buzz. Leaves at look perfect on screen!

The Tristan Thompson scandal continues to haunt Kim Kardashian and her family. His many infidelities have also repeatedly shaken the mother of True.

Wanting to move forward, the star has forgiven him several times for his deviations. She even had a second child with him via a surrogate mother.

Although they are separated, the ex-lovers have always wanted to expand their family. But the recent paternities of the basketball player on the right to the left have to say the least tarnished their happiness.

A subject that Kim Kardashian also wanted to put in the spotlight during the filming of his program. For a handful of Internet users, the businesswoman has gone too far!

I wish Khloe could just take it out on Kim…about how she contributes the bare minimum to this show. While Khloe is allowed to exploit his trauma in the world “, pointed out Reddit HolyKimyeWest on the Web. It remains to be seen whether Kim Kardashian will govern the controversy. To be continued.

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