Kim Kardashian lambasted for her reason for dating Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian is called after The Kardashians The star has revealed the real reason she ended up dating Pete Davidson. Kim and Pete have been doing well since she was legally single. Pete is the first person to capture Kim’s attention since she divorced Kanye West. Now that Kim is more comfortable in her relationship, she opens up about the story of their budding romance.

Kanye had a hard time embracing Kim leaving their marriage of nearly seven years and letting the world know. The former couple managed to put their differences aside last summer after months of not speaking to each other after filing for divorce. Many speculated that Kim and Kanye might even reconcile and reject the divorce. But when Kim started dating Pete at the end of the year, it became clear she had no intention of taking Kanye back. The rap/fashion mogul has spent weeks targeting Kim and Pete through a series of erratic social media posts. In recent months, Kanye has calmed down and been quiet about his ex-wife’s love life while dating his latest girlfriend Chaney Jones.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim admitted the real reason she sought romance with Pete. “I text him. I didn’t even think likeOh my God I’m gonna have a relationship with him‘” Kim shared in a confessional, as captured by the Twitter user Juul Biden. Kim admits she had no intention of seriously dating Pete,”I was just thinking like, ‘I heard about this BDE. Need to go. I just need to love…revive my…I was basically just DTF‘” Kim said with a smile. The shocking revelation shows where Kim’s head was when she contacted a Saturday Night Live producer to get Pete’s phone number. The initial spark was ignited after Kim and Pete shared a kiss during the Aladdin skit on the episode she hosted. Kanye was in the audience and saw the kiss first hand. He didn’t know that Kim’s kiss wasn’t so innocent. Fans were quick to speak out against the shocking revelations of the “41 years old, mother of four children“, said a reviewer.

Many others have expressed concern about Kanye after Kim so proudly admitted what ultimately made her quit the Yeezy founder. “This can’t be the same woman who was in tears mortified that her son saw his sex tape advertised on Roblox,one fan joked. Another fan noted Kim’s story as a sex symbol that came after her infamous 2007 sex tape.”What did you expect,” asked the fan. Others considered the impact Kim’s X-rated confession could have on her children when they grow up. “Imagine hearing your 41 year old mom on the net talking about how she heard about her bde from her friend and she was dtf,” said a fan. Kim said Pete won’t be making many appearances on the new series. But she speaks clearly about their romance.

Unfortunately for Kanye, as Kim reveals more about The Kardashians, he will have to accept the harsh reality of his failed marriage. Kanye has avoided venting his frustrations on social media like he was a few months ago. But as he remains silent, Kim begins to be more vocal about dating Pete. As for Pete, he needs to focus on keeping Kim happy in case she starts to get tired of her “BDE.”

Source: Juul Biden/Twitter

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