Kim Kardashian, looking like a mermaid in a dress that hugged her bust

Are mermaid-style dresses making a comeback? They bring bright clothes, tight shapes and cascading tails that emulate these mysterious creatures. This was a trend we saw succeeding more or less a decade ago, but now Kim Kardashian is joining in on the mermaid craze and bringing the trend back.

The 42-year-old businesswoman wore this dress to the Kering Caring for Women charity dinner held during New York Fashion Week on Tuesday. Stay tuned as we see which fashions from the early 2010s are coming back.

Kim Kardashian joins the mermaid craze

We are used to seeing Kim Kardashian in tight dresses that highlight her curvy figure. This time, she added colors that we haven’t seen her in for a long time, as she had given up nude colors but she also didn’t choose any bubblegum pink that was reminiscent of ‘Barbiecore’; Instead, it was a shimmering rosewood color.

With that color, Kim opted for a mermaid dress cut: one that’s very tight at the top but ends with a wide train from knee height, as if simulating a mermaid tail.

The dress she was wearing was a ‘mermaidcore’ style with a rainbow effect, the front of the dress reached her feet and the back reached the floor, with sparkles and iridescent glitter.

Photo: AFP. Kenna Betancur

To coordinate the outfit, Kim Kardashian chose beige pointed-toe pumps. She only wore accessories on her fingers, as she chose a set of silver rings. Something simple, as she did not wear a necklace or heavy earrings to let her outfit be the main item. So, with that he got involved in the brouhaha over mermaids.

For makeup, she chose a style that reminds us of strawberry makeup, where what is most visible are the pink tones that you can get with blush and the most natural or ‘radiant’ that your skin can look.

Photo: AFP. Kenna Betancur

The eyes were highlighted with golden and dark brown hues with dramatic lashes and matching nude lipstick. For her part, she kept her hair open with gentle waves in her long black hair, making her look super glamorous.

At the end of the event, as US Magazine says, she wore a black leather trench coat and a Baleniaga Hourglass bag with a rusty metal effect.

what was the incident about

The event where Kim Kardashian joined in on the mermaid craze was the Caring for Women charity dinner. The evening took place with celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Zoe Kravitz, Olivia Wilde or even Malala Yousafzai. It is a foundation committed to ending gender violence. The money collected from the charity dinner goes to various organizations that are responsible for the protection of women in situations of violence.

What is ‘mermaidcore’?

All the fashion is back! Mermaidcore is a trend that we remember seeing in the early 2010s, it is about costumes that remind us of marine life. According to She Knows, they include pastel colors, glitter, rainbows, pearls, shells, and mermaid-esque dresses.

Now, it seems it was the appearance of “Barbie” and Dua Lipa as “Mermaid Barbie,” or perhaps the premiere of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” that made us remember how much we loved that fashion, because This was one of the main trends of this summer.

We saw it worn by “The Little Mermaid” Hailey Bailey herself at a movie premiere or by Leigh-Anne Pinnock at the BET Awards.

And did you get to wear this type of clothing and join in on the mermaid craze like Kim Kardashian? What do you think about this fashion? Write to us on the network!

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