Kim Kardashian loves the movie “Don’t Worry Darling” with Harry Styles!

Kim Kardashian is a real addict to series and movies. Today, she has just validated the new film by Harry Styles.

Kim Kardashian likes to watch movies and series a lot. The youngest of the famous family has even just validated Don’t Worry Darling, the new movie starring Harry Styles. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kim Kardashian and her love for cinema

Kim Kardashian isn’t just a mom and a workaholic. She is too a fan of series and moviesand this passion must relax her a lot after a busy day.

In the past, Kim Kardashian has dubbed many series and films. In effect, the owner of Skims who weighs billions of dollars is an unconditional fan of Netflix series. Recently, one in particular was a real crush for the beautiful brunette.

This is the series sex life ! This series is about a woman named Billie. The latter is a mother of 2 children, and if her life seems perfect. She is still bored in her life as a housewife.

It must be believed that the story pleased the ex-wife of Kanye West. Indeed, Kim Kardashian had shared a conversation between her and her sister who was talking about the series. She had even dropped an outcast, the two actors are a couple in real life.

Beyond loving cinema, Kim Kardashian also featured in some films and series. Indeed, the beautiful brunette starred in the series 2 Broke Girls. She also appeared in the film Ocean 8 in which she played her own part.

Kim Kardashian and cinema is therefore an undeniable love story. His opinion on Don’t Worry Darling, Harry Styles’ new movie proves it. MCE TV tells you more!

Harry Styles’ new movie

When you think of Harry Styles, you have to think of One Direction. Indeed, the singer was the leader of this successful group.

After their separation in 2016, each member of the group started a solo career. That of Harry Styles is more successful. Yes, since the singer dabbles in everything and even tries his hand at acting.

It’s in the war movie Dunkirk that the interpreter ofAs It Was began his film career.

Don’t Worry Darling is therefore a new film to his credit. This feature film directed by Olivia Wilde is about the somewhat too perfect life of a housewife. But, his daily life will be turned upside down…

It is necessary to believe that this scenario full of suspense pleased Kim Kardashian. Indeed, the youngest of the famous family has not full of praise for this film.

It is in her Instagram story that Kim Kardashian decided to proclaim her love for the film. ” I watched Don’t Worry Darling this weekend, I enjoyed it a lot adds the brunette.

She also gives her opinion on the actors: “Harry was so good in the film, and I am now obsessed with Florence Pugh. She is an excellent actress and she is too beautiful. »

Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem to be the only one loving this movie. Indeed, it hasn’t even come out yet that the reviews are already very rave reviews. It will be out tomorrow in all cinemas.

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