Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Relationship With Pete Davidson: “It Happens When You Least Expect It”

Officially divorced from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is enjoying the good time with her new companion, American comedian Pete Davidson.

If the couple had already exchanged a kiss last fall on the set of the show “Saturday Night Live”, their relationship was not formalized until last March. Everything seems to be rolling for the two lovebirds.

In an interview for Hoda Kotb’s “Making Space” podcast, Kim Kardashian first said she wanted to take her time after her difficult divorce from Kanye West. “Took about 10 months to go out or talk to someone“, confides the star. “I wanted to take this time to really understand what had happened to me and let my emotions run free: ‘Am I making the right decision? How do I feel about that?’ Once I turned the page, I was like, ‘OK, I’m ready to meet someone’. It happened completely by chance“.

She explains that her meeting with comedian Pete Davidson was completely unexpected. “You know, sometimes things happen when you least expect them. Dating Pete was the last thing I really planned.“, explains the diva. “When it happened, I was really surprised, and so was he. It makes things even sweeter and more fun.”

A more private relationship

If Kim Kardashian has formalized her relationship with Pete Davidson on social networks, she is still working to keep certain aspects of their couple in the private frame. “It feels good to know that we have this connection and that we have our little bubble outside the virtual world”she says again.

In any case, Kim Kardashian looks completely under the spell. The reality TV star also confides that the simple fact of being with her companion makes her smile.

Yesterday we were in the car, I looked at him and said: ‘Thank you’. Just thank you for shopping with me, going with me to a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment. These simple things in life please me so much with you.

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