Kim Kardashian really ready to do anything to make money?

Kim Kardashian is not shy. When she wants to do something, she does it. And it’s better when it brings him money.

No need to introduce Kim Kardashian! Nowadays, everyone knows who she is and how she came to be known. But for the past few years, the star has been chaining projects that bring him money. Even if it means allying with people who have belittled him in the past. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kim Kardashian sometimes crushes her dignity for the money?

Kim Kardashian has created an empire, whether around her or her family. The one who controls everything is the momager Kris Jenner, but the latter focuses mainly on his favorite daughter Kylie Jenner.

In any case, the ex of Kanye West manages to combine her life as a mother of four children, her studies to become a lawyer and her job as a fashion influencer. Eh yes, Kim Kardashian is a true fashion icon. Besides, she has proven it more than once. Between the Met Galas, advertising campaigns or even her red carpet looks, she goes all out every time.

Well this point, she understood it well. Indeed, as all eyes are on her wherever she goes, she takes full advantage of it. So it’s perfect for his business.

Yes, because Kim Kardashian may have nice, endearing, etc., she remains a business woman. As a reminder, it now has 3 brands: one lingerie (SKIMS), one skincare (SKKN) and one private equity firm (SKKY Partners). Moreover, this week, she announced to launch her brand of home accessories.

While she could have stopped there, Kim Kardashian launches in interior design by adapting the packaging of its beauty products. And since it’s all about the money, the first prize is $89 for a concrete tissue box and it will go up to $189 for a bathroom trash can.

Ready for anything for fashion?

Kim Kardashian announced this year thatshe could eat poo if we told him it was good for the skin. Something to disgust his fans! Moreover, the latter accuse him of not having ethics.

Indeed for during Milan Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian revealed his collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana. His fans quickly reacted by recalling certain facts.

Dolce & Gabbana has been awash in bad buzz for years. The Italian brand has been accused of racism for numerous cases. But Kim Kardashian seems to have forgotten it.

Especially since the brand had attacked his family a few years ago in calling the Kardashian-Jenners a “cheapest family in the world”. And now who collaborated with Kim Kardashian for the parade Ciao Kim ?

So, Kim Kardashian really does everything for the money? Well, yes in the sense that it manages to change the trend. Indeed, she manages to take advantage of each delicate situation.

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