Kim Kardashian responds to numerous accusations of blackfishing!

In a recent video, Kim Kardashian decided to respond to the many accusations of “blackfishing” with her brand KKW Beauty!

On social networks, Kim Kardashian very often finds herself at the heart of the bad buzz. Recently, she responded to numerous accusations of “blackfishing” about a photoshoot for her beauty brand KKW.

Kim Kardashian accused of blackfishing

Kim Kardashian has been accused by many fans of “blackfishing”. It is a process that aims to tan the skin. And these in order to look like black and mixed-race women.

Fans have accused Kylie Jenner’s sister. In particular with the aim of promoting its products for its beauty brand KKW. The main interested party then responded to these statements.

Kim Kardashian said: “I did a photoshoot for the first launch of my KKW beauty contour sticks. And we really wanted them with a special mood. I was really tanned”.

The reality TV candidate also added: “I wanted to show the outline. The photos ended up being a bit darker than me”. That’s when fans accused him of blackface.

Kim Kardashian revealed: “There were people online saying I was doing ‘blackface’ and the photos were inappropriate”. She then responded to the tackles of the fans on the subject.

She swung: ” The Internet world is so toxic. And I feel like people are just waiting for you to make a mistake, just to point it out”. The beauty looks really tired of her bad buzz.

Some fans still wanted to defend him. As an international star, Kim Kardashian must be careful with all her actions. She has no room for error, at the risk of finding yourself at the heart of the buzz.

The Kardashian family back on the screens

When Kim Kardashian announced, she kept finding herself at the heart of the buzz. It must be said that many fans wanted to know more about his personal stories.

And it’s for good reason. For years, Kim Kardashian has decided to display his private life in broad daylight. Now, fans always want to know more about what she does with her family.

Some are also very happy that the young woman is back in a new reality show. After ending Keeping Up With The Kardashian, fans weren’t expecting to reunite with the family.

However, Kim Kardashian and her loved ones have made a big decision. The family decided to shoot in a new show “The Kardashians”,

Every Thursday, Hulu also broadcasts a new episode on the Kardashian family. For this new year, Kylie and Kendall Jenner also confide a little more about their private life, just like their sisters before.

For years, Kim Kardashian and her family have been highly publicized. And the least we can say is that the whole family seems to love it. Case to follow!

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