Kim Kardashian reveals body fat percentage in shocking test results after fans insist star has become ‘too thin’

KIM Kardashian has shocked fans, revealing her body fat percentage amid claims she’s gotten too thin and taken the diet too far.

The reality star revealed in May that she went on an intense diet to lose weight for the Met Gala.

The reality star shared with fans that she is considered in the "athlete" Category


On Wednesday, Kim took to her Instagram Story to take fans on as she underwent a body scan.

The scan included taking a measurement of her body fat percentage, which she revealed to fans.

Kim filmed a screen that showed her body was 18.8% body fat and was considered to be in the “athletic category”.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum also showed off his bone density test results, bragging to fans.

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She filmed the screen again on her Instagram Story, adding her own caption.

Kim wrote, “Do you hear that?!?!!!! My bones [are] stronger than 93-97% of people. »

The revelation comes as fans worry about the mother-of-four’s height as she continues to lose weight.

She and her sister Khloe Kardashian have been known to document their intense workouts online.

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Recently, the reality TV star posted a series of sexy photos on her Instagram page showing off her slim figure.

the snaps show the blonde beauty mogul emerging from the ocean.

She’s wearing bikini bottoms and a matching white top that reads “The Incredibles.”

In another photo, Kim is turned on her side in the water, revealing part of her thong.

A tank top can be seen under her wet top.

Fans were quick to respond, with one writing, “Does this hint at a Kimye comeback? »

Another wrote: “The Incredibles?! I remember when Kanye…too bad! You look beautiful. »

“How is Pete?” one reacted, referring to Kim’s current boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson.

Many comments refer to an old confessional that Kim and Kanye made, as they were expecting their fourth child.

Kanye, 45, gave the interview sitting next to Kim on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In the interview, he said, “It’s the first time I’ve done this. I’m not really trying to do good. »

“For example, part of the reason I even thought or considered doing this interview is because of the movie ‘The Incredibles’,” he explained.

“It starts with interviews, superheroes give interviews. The woman has a big ass, and I just see our life becoming more and more like ‘The Incredibles’ until we can finally fly,” he said with a laugh. .

“He would,” Kim replied with an uneasy laugh.

Along with speculating about a reunion with her ex, many fans buzzed over Kim’s body.


Late last month, Kim showed off her slender figure in a skintight bodysuit.

Kim held the camera up to her face as she filmed the video in her closet.

She wore little to no makeup and let her blonde hair hang loosely over her shoulders.

Kim addressed her sister Khloe Kardashian in her clip as she fizzled: “Khloe, I’m wearing your Good American bodysuit. I love that.

” How cute ? »

While some fans raved about the star’s appearance, others couldn’t help but comment on how skinny and scary Kim looked.

Similar comments were made after she uploaded a bikini photo again showing her slim figure and highlighting a huge thigh gap.

Their remarks come amid similar talk of little sister Khloe, who has undergone a major transformation in recent years.

In the recent clip, Kim is seen trying on bikinis from her SKIMS line.

Fans, however, were distracted by the mogul’s thinness.

Kim zoomed in on her height at one point, accentuating how small she has become lately.

Meanwhile, Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson recently opened up about his feelings about the star’s “obsession” with being a size zero.

He told Life & Style he didn’t like his obsession with it or losing a lot of weight.

Apple News then shared their thoughts, saying, “According to the print issue of Life & Style, a source said, ‘Kim is obsessed with becoming a size zero. It really took over his life and turned it into a complete boredom. « »

“Pete hates watching Kim shove food on his plate at parties or restaurants and just wants her to have fun,” the insider revealed.

Kim recently slimmed down to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress to wear to the Met Gala.

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The Hulu star wore the dress the singer wore when she sang Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John F. Kennedy.

The Kardashians star previously claimed she lost 16 pounds to fit in with the look.

Kim showed off her figure online


In May, she revealed the extremes she went to to fit into Marilyn Monroe's dress


More recently, she showed off her short stature and huge thigh gap


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